Written and directed by Andrew Montague

 Nikki, a sound recordist, picks up a strange sound whilst filming on location in a forest. After a disturbing encounter, she wakes up alone, confused and filthy in her house. Her only chance at finding out what happened to her, lies within her sound recorder.

Jasmine's take

The sound together with the scenery of the deep green forest was absolutely stunning and David Guest’s cinematography was incredible. Danielle Butlin’s facial expressions were spot on and together with the fantastic sound design there were some incredibly disturbing scenes. The ending felt a little bit out of place, but maybe in a longer full-feature version it would be able to tell more about what actually happened, but it left me with a question mark. Even so, it was an intriguing film with a lot to offer.


 Jeremiah's take

Impressive. Blackwood especially stands as a promising testament to Andrew Montague's ability as a director and David Guest's ability to frame beautiful imagery. Location matters of course, but so does knowing what exactly to do with it all. The result of this collaborative effort (and I'm speaking now of the entire production team here) is a thickly atmospheric Lovecraftian-flavored tale that's far-and-away from feeling low budget, or amateur in execution.  It's graded spectacularly, acted well, scored appropriately (with a helluva soundstage) and builds to a jolting crescendo likely resulting in the need for a new pair of pants (do follow the suggestion to wear headphones). The entire thing is eleven minutes long so your investment is small, the payoff however, absolutely isn't.

So here's your opportunity to spend a few moments with Danielle Butlin, tracking a foreboding audio signal in the Blackwood.

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