Oily Maniac
Starring Danny Lee, Chen Ping, Lily Li, Hua Lun, Wang Hsia

A cripple takes revenge on criminals by using a magic spell that transforms him into an oily monster/superhero.

Director: Meng Hua Ho

Writer: Lam Chua (as Tsai Lan)

Stars: Danny LeePing ChenLily Li


A man fed up with injustice, prays for peace and power, and is turned into walking excrement. His abilities include falling on the ground face first and changing from solid to liquid form (accompanied by a looping first two notes of the Jaws theme song). Yelling, "EEEYAAAAAAHHH" a lot (usually before jumping). And despite not being able to move his arms much, being really skilled at choking people. The Oily Maniac is bombastic rubber-suited fun.

He’s not hiding in there.

He’s not hiding in there.


It's pretty damn rapey, even if not graphic, women only seem to exist for the purpose of having their blouses torn to shreds. Or being socked in the jaw. And when the Oily Maniac shows up to save the day, it usually only makes the situation worse. For everyone. Including the Oily Maniac.

Three’s a crud

Three’s a crud