Everytime someone asks me, what movie has disturbed you the most? I always answer, "Christmas Cruelty", (editor's note: what "O'Hellige Jul" translates to) because it is one fucked up movie, in a good way.


Christmas Cruelty: We follow a serial killer and his victims as they all prepare for Christmas in their own ways. This year it doesn’t matter if you have been naughty or nice, Santa is coming to town no matter what, and he knows where you live.

There is something raw and authentic about the cinematography in this film that it just disturbs me in a really good way. It is a brutal, very mean movie, from start to finish. "Christmas Cruelty" has one of the most disturbing opening sequences that I have ever seen and after that I never really felt safe or like I could relax for a bit, because I felt that soon something even more brutal and disturbing would come, and it did.

 ...it did.

 ...it did.

These are the kind of my movies that really tickle my horror itch in the best possible kind of way. The actors are really good, especially the psychotic santa. Everything works so well in this movie, the cinematography, the SFX, the dialogue and the script. I would love to be able to work with the people who did this movie one day. Norway has produced another excellent horror film and if you love brutal and nasty movies, this one is for you!