Shark Month - Blood in the Water

July means different things to a lot of people.  Fireworks, Swimming pools, cook outs, vacations, and even trips to the beach.  But when I think about July, I can taste Sharkleberry fin, I wake up in the night craving Shark Bite gummies, and the Jaws attack theme rings in my ears everywhere I go.... dum dum... dum dum... dum dum.. dumdumdumdumdumdummm... SHARK WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!!!!!!!!!!


I think we all can agree that our water monster deserves a little more than just a week.  So over here at the Thirteenth Floor we are celebrating ALL MONTH long.  We will be posting mini reviews, sharing/logging all of our Shark movie viewings, and posting all of our cool Shark finds out in the wild.  Hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday week.... Hope you're ready to get wet...



For quite some time, the talented artists at Luchagore productions have teased and teased their first full-length feature project; their biggest project yet, "Project Lucha". Details for it have been scarce, with the odd on-set images posted and leaked out by members of the production team

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