For quite some time, the talented artists at Luchagore productions have teased and teased their first full-length feature project; their biggest project yet, "Project Lucha". Details for it have been scarce, with the odd on-set images posted and leaked out by members of the production team like the kind below:

Of course, if you're any kind of fan of the Luchagore team's work, then you understand why Project Lucha - and the small but steady leaks - have done nothing but cause a fever-pitch ferver fueled by anticipation. From short films such as the brutal El Gigante (check out the newly released comic for it) to holiday themed video greeting cards such as the disturbingly awesome Easter and Christmas specials or the involvement by key staff members in third party projects (Gigi Saul Guerrero in Mexico Barbaro), team Lucha have demonstrated a propensity for delivering high quality, high octane tex-mex style horror that modern fans of the genre are served well by. And now, we are pleased to share with you their latest, biggest project of all.

The curtains have finally been pulled back, at least partly, on Project Lucha...known from here on out as...



SYNOPSIS - LA QUINCEAÑERA features fifteen-year-old Alejandra Santos, whose life is about to change forever on the night of her quinceañera. In this daring revenge tale, a young girl will learn the limits of resilience and strength as she is thrust into the most extraordinary of situations over the course of 24 hours. With her Abuela by her side, Alejandra transforms into a gutsy heroine everyone will be rooting for as she avenges her family against the cartel.

And that's about it, so far. A look on the official site indicates a lot more information is on the way; ok ok, so more like a peak behind the curtain rather, but a lot can already be gleaned from the still gallery. For one, there's no question we are headed for some darkly gruesome territory, what with the Mexican cartel playing a role in the film's narrative; there's a character we assume is part of that "organization" holding a severed head, so Luchagore's penchant for hard hitting effective practical effects will definitely come into play. There's also the obvious tex-mex style aesthetic we've seen employed time and time again in all their previous projects, and some very effective lighting/filter to help propel the mood of each frame to its most effective levels. Coupled with what we know of the story itself, being a revenge tale born of a devastating tragedy, we expect LA QUINCEAÑERA to also deliver on emotion. Could this be the first Luchagore film to make us cry, NOT because we shit ourselves, but because we've experienced porfound sadness? Time will tell.

And so will we, as soon as more information on the film is released. Until then, check out the still gallery below and stay tuned to Thirteenth Floor and Luchagore's official website for further updates!