NEFARIOUS (40 days remaining)

Writer - Director of last year's thrilling mystery, Dogged (based on an equally thrilling short film by the same name), Richard Rowntree promises to continue the mean streak here, with his upcoming home invasion horror film, NEFARIOUS.


RIchard Rowntree understands how to subvert genre tropes. Dogged, in the hands of the wrong director would have been a disjointed by-the-numbers "who dun it" horror mystery. But as it stands, each zig and zag found within the narrative, every aesthetic choice, every part of its score feels fresh, making it an unpredictable romp through small town mania. This level of polish and originality would make for an absolutely killer Home Invasion film, a sub-genre that certainly needs a good shot in the arm.



Amazon Hot Box (32 days remaining)

Brian K. Williams (Space Babes from Outer Space) and James Bickert (Frankenstein Created Bikers) have formed WIP Productions, LLC. and AMAZON HOT BOX is the company's first feature film release. With cast and crew sworn to secrecy, principal photography took place in four cities and three islands over 17 days in 2017.  It's finished. Done. It's awesome.


Jailhouse exploitation films. How many do we get nowadays? And how many of them are actually any good? Coming from the pedigree this one has behind it, how can you not be excited (oh, it's also a completed production too!). And if you need more convincing, we'll let the film speak for itself:



Inverted (29 days remaining)

Ok, so we cheat with this one a bit. It's on Indiegogo, and not Kickstarter...
From the creators of the very successful, well-received Red Eye (a film I was barely able to make it through with either one of mine open) comes INVERTED; a dark tale about evil cults and holy wars, styled and backdropped with and against a parallel 1970's era. As the campaign itself puts it, "think The Lords of Salem meets A Serbian Film"

With this film, our main goal isn’t only to deliver an insanely intense, horrific piece of cinema; but to improve from our past work. To the character development, how we present our story, the special effects, everything. We promise to bring you a horror film, made by horror fans. We have learned so much since we shot our first feature and want to make Inverted go above and beyond.


If sick twisted disturbing cinema is your game, then this is the name (of the film you absolutely need to back). Red Eye was already borderline unbearable during its more intensely depraved scenes, and this promises to up the ante. A Serbian FIlm indeed.



GACHA GACHA (8 days remaining)

If you live in the U.S. there's a good possibility that you remember those little plastic egg shaped capsules you'd pay 25 cents to have some dirty-ass dispenser shit out. They always plastered the best possible scenarios on the marquee, but you knew damn well the best you'd ever get was a crummy little plastic laser ring that'd fall apart moments after popping the container open. Well, apparently they've got something similar in Japan. They're called "gacha" balls (or gashapon) and in traditional Japanese fashion, theirs are much cooler and much weirder than ours. This kickstarter features a short film which leans hard on the later trait. Very very hard.


Gacha Gacha is being put together by some of the crew involved in the darkly humorous and ultra-violent 2015 film, Cat Sick Blues. If you haven't seen it (shame on you), just know that it means you're getting something with balls (literally and figuratively), gross humor, copious amounts of malfeasance, maybe some cats, and a fittingly bizarre score. Still not convinced? Well here, a picture is worth a thousand words right?

Screenshot 2018-04-06 at 9.00.47 PM.png

Willing to bet HOLY SHIT, are two of those words.



The Bad Man (6 days remaining)

On paper, The Bad Man isn't too dissimilar from something like Funny Games. A home invasion film where its inhabitants are kept captive against their will. From the Kickstarter page: 

If you've enjoyed my previous films -- Found, Harvest Lake, or Plank Face -- I hope you'll join me for my latest effort. It's a tense, nighmarish tale of survival and sacrifice called The Bad Man. It’s about a young couple, Mary and PJ, who are kidnapped in their own home by a sadistic clown who wants to break their spirits and sell them into servitude to a cult of wealthy deviants. Mary holds onto her humanity through trial after trial, desperately looking for a way to escape her torment and rescue PJ from his own madness. But time is running out -- and auction day is coming... The film is about human dignity and the terrifying loss of it, as well as the valor of reclaiming it. I hope it will disturb and provoke you, and have you on the edge of your seat!


Scott Schirmer's work has been culminating to this, a terrifying survival horror film featuring some truly abhorrent personalities in a story built to disturb, and provoke. If you've seen any of Schirmer's previous films then the description should come as no surprise. What makes this so exciting is that with each film, Scott improved his craft greatly. The Bad Man should be the best thing he's done to date. Plus, the film is already fully funded, and two-thirds shot, so its a low-risk high reward situation. And as for the rewards themselves, well they're definitely some of the best bang for the buck of all the kickstarters on this page: